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Dear Prospective Client,

We all have hopes and dreams for the future, and often, those dreams involve covering the cost of a college education for our children. MassMutual can help you be better informed about the different financial tools available to you to establish goals for your child’s education. We can help you plan so that you and your family are protected against the uncertainties in life.

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According to MassMutual’s College Planning and Saving Study– Asian Indian Families, nearly 80% of Asian Indian parents are saving for college while only 29% of those families are on track to pay half or more of their children’s college expense. Our study has shown while all parents are highly determined to fund their children's college education, many find it a challenge to do so.

Source: MassMutual's College Planning & Saving Study – Asian Indian Families conducted by New American Dimensions, LLC, 2017.